Legend of the 5 rings

Shrine of the Colonies

Maybe not the greatest one in terms of composition, but definitely was a pleasure to paint that big patch of serene light. Japanese summers are a great topic, just putting Non Non Biyori or Natsume Yuujinchou OR Mushishi OST in the background and slowly painting, you almost feel like you’re there, enjoying the sun. The youkai wasn’t initially in the description or even there throghout the painting process, added them in the end.

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Streets of the Second City

Red everywhere! The idea for this card came from watching Kung-fu Panda 2 and it’s use of reds on certain scenes and Sengoku Basara – the guy closest to the viewer may or may not be based off of one of main characters there ^o^ In the Honorable Garrison (in related posts) I’ve put an easter egg from that show as well. Anyway, back to reds. Think it’s the hardest color to paint in monochrome in; it is incredibly limited in terms of values, so you have to eighter push pink or incorporate magnetas or oranges to get to the lighter values and achieve full range of them.

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